just 2 nice things for winter workouts

13 Dec

It’s holiday season in the frenzy of NYC so I’ll keep this short.

The holidays are here, which means that most of America is heading for a health hangover come New Year’s Day. For those of us who are struggling to balance healthy habits with a bit of indulgence, I just wanted to share two small things that I think make winter workouts enjoyable.

1. Netflix.

2. Hot chocolate.

Yes, you read right: Netflix & hot cocoa, and here’s why:

- Netflix streaming offers a number of workout videos that you can browse through and test out anytime you want without the threat of the elements (from the comfort of your home, or if you’re on the road, from your laptop in your hotel room!) — no more committing to buying another workout DVD you may grow tired of or that might not be a great fit for you, either. For example, I’ve just added a few Pilates videos to my “Instant Queue”, and plan to test drive each one this week. Also, we have a Roku box that makes it easy to navigate the options via the TV, where it’s nice to have the larger screen (compared to my 13″ macbook) for following along with the exercises.

- Hot chocolate after a workout made with dark cocoa powder and low-fat or skim milk is not only a cozy treat on a cold day, it’s a fantastic recovery drink! It’s got potassium, magnesium, and protein for starters, which helps replenish these important nutrients after a workout. You’ll also get a dose of calcium and vitamin D (if the milk you use is fortified, as most are). All good stuff, especially when your body is in recovery mode. Also, just a personal note: I don’t love super-rich hot chocolate, so I mix cocoa powder with 4 ounces of hot water and add 4 ounces of lactose-free organic 1% milk (am just the teensiest bit lactose-sensitive).

Well, that’s it. Nothing Earth-shattering here, but these two things make working out in winter easier for this California girl.

How do you get motivated to workout when it’s cold and unpleasant outside?

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One Response to “just 2 nice things for winter workouts”

  1. tdk in nyc December 15, 2010 at 9:33 PM #

    What a fun idea! Maggie Moon is such an excellent source for fun and unique nutrition and exercise ideas! Keep up the great articles Maggie!

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